Beautiful Cape weather highlights the success of the Clovelly Golf Day which aims to raise awareness for Coastal Conservation

Grindrod Asset Management, in partnership with Wildlands, hosted the Blue Funds’ Golf day at the beautiful Clovelly Country Club in Cape Town at the end of May 2015. Flanked on either side by grey Cape autumn weather, the day turned out spectacularly, with no wind and warm sunshine. Golfers were treated to 18 holes on the well managed course and were spoilt by Grindrod Asset Management who sent out refreshing drink carts throughout the day and handed out a great selection of prizes to wrap the afternoon up.

The focus of the event was to raise awareness for the Blue Fund, a partnership between Grindrod Financial Services and Wildlands, aimed at supporting coastal conservation throughout South Africa. “With South Africa’s spectacular and lengthy coastline being the focus of much development, there is a serious need for energy to be put into marine and coastal conservation,” says Mark Gerrard, Conservation Grants Manager for Wildlands. “It is for this reason that Grindrod and Wildlands have come together to form the Blue Fund, attempting to drive coastal conservation awareness and support the dedicated efforts of organisations working in the sector.”

The Clovelly Golf Day ended with a presentation from the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) on the threats faced by marine avifauna and the work that they are doing to assist. Paul Stewart, head of Grindrod Asset Management, together with Mark Gerrard of Wildlands, then handed a cheque of R300 000 over to members of SANCCOB to allow the purchase of an X-Ray machine for the centre. “The purchase of the X-Ray machine will allow SANCCOB to improve its operational efficiency as well as significantly save costs in the future and we really appreciate the support from the Blue Fund,” said Francois Louw of SANCCOB.

The evening wrapped up with Paul Stewart (Head of Fund Management, Grindrod Asset Management) handing out prizes to the participants of the Golf Day. He ended off by saying, “Through the success of Grindrod Asset Management and the involvement and success of our clients, we hope to continue the support for conservation through this partnership with Wildlands and the Blue Fund, ultimately contributing to the good work being done by organisations such as SANCCOB.”