Supporting the sustainable development of coastal communities &
conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems

Home is where our heart is

Grindrod Bank has an active interest in transforming and enriching South Africa. As such, The Blue Fund has been created with a focus on the sustainable projects aimed at the upliftment of coastal communities and conservation of coastal marine ecosystems.

Being a diverse company with its roots in the maritime industry, Grindrod Bank is sensitive to the environmental issues currently posing a threat to our communities in general. With the aim of establishing sustainable socio-economic programmes, The Blue Fund - a partnership between Grindrod Bank and the Wildlands Conservation Trust - addresses the needs of the communities affected by man’s impact on our coastlines and their natural habitats.

As custodians of the coastline, Grindrod Bank through The Blue Fund is involved in a number of different projects, that include:

  • Acquiring Blue Flag status for KwaZulu-Natal beaches
  • Funding both SANCOBB and APSS penguin projects
  • Creating sustainable livelihoods for the forest-using communities of Pondoland
  • Restoration of boardwalk infrastructure at Beachwood Mangrove Reserve
  • Participating in citizen science with Whale Time


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